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create global consciousness by promoting art

FLEcha de aguila

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a new approach to multicultural awareness,

embracing projects that support cultural promotion 

introducing us to centuries of undocumented history,

inspiring ancient wisdom and traditional ideals,

through contemporary native art


p'urhepecha and wixarika

two native communities
who face the same dilemmas of overwhelming globalization

great artists who have established themselves in the modern art world
through authentic values and cultural integrity



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 Multidisciplinary artists from the Native communities of Michoacan, the P'urhepechas reflect their essence through contemporary art inspired by today's current social issues

Using techniques of hyper realism, mixed with abstract sociopolitical concepts, their artwork characterizes their origins, and has reached the contemporary international art scene enthusiastically

The P'urhepecha community has found a cure for corruption by establishing an independent alternative political structure
in consideration of their pre-Hispanic essence

  as a result they have developed a new civic model for a sustainable society






a cosmic approach to the spiritual world, the wixarika native community of jalisco share their culture through ancestral methods of translating their visions into art

their artwork is intricately made with delicate glass beads or colorful threads of yarn, each masterpiece carries symbolic motifs, stories and legends of their origins, offering us an in depth panorama of their cosmology and traditions

The wixaritari are at risk of losing their heritage due to the abuses of "savage capitalism"

 by preserving their legacy through art, they have achieved a method of sharing with the world the importance of our integrity as a society




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